Your Subconscious · 06. July 2016
When you choose to be happy yourself, you are more likely to contribute to the happiness of others. Which, of course, enhances the possibilities of more positive interactions in the future.
Holiday Emotions · 23. June 2016
If not regulated, the fear and pleasure centers of the brain default to enjoyable but unhealthy choices.
The Eternal Child · 02. June 2016
Congratulations on being a slow learner
Slow learners unlearn or ignore much of what they learned in school about time that is at cross purposes with longterm health and happiness.
Your Subconscious · 23. May 2016
Though the effects of alternative treatments are hard to prove empirically (through traditional research methodology), there is ample anecdotal evidence (i.e., everyday experience) that they work for a significant number of people.
Pursuit of Happiness · 16. April 2016
Emotional dissonance reflects the difference between objective standards and subjective experience.
The Eternal Child · 18. March 2016
There is no one definition, as it is usually contextual. The real purpose of the rule is to stimulate conversation that leads to better understanding.
The Eternal Child · 10. March 2016
The typical approach is “Here’s how; now don’t do it!” An alternative is to remind your girls of the need to respect themselves.
Pursuit of Happiness · 09. March 2016
Available as a package or separately
“Why take the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Dr. Kweethai Neill makes light of living together versus marriage. But her message is serious, “Too many people believe love does not last, but that is only because they do not understand what true love is.” That is the basis of Lessons in Love by Dr. Kweethai.
Your Subconscious · 24. February 2016
“I am concerned that you may be experiencing pain, discomfort, confusion, loss, etc. If I have contributed to that emotional state, I take responsibility and will do what I can to return you to a more positive state.”
20. February 2016
The most convenient airport is DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International) [15 miles from Roanoke& Keller] and serves most major airlines. DAL (Dallas Love) [29 miles] is served by Delta, Southwest and Virgin America airlines.

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