Travel to iHealth Center






The most convenient airport is DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International) [15 miles from Roanoke& Keller] and serves most major airlines. DAL (Dallas Love) [29 miles] is served by Delta, Southwest and Virgin America airlines.




Please plan to arrive by the evening prior; as classes begin promptly at 8 a.m. The Studio is open by 7:30 a.m. for a light breakfast and warm welcome. Plan to depart the day after, as the class can end as late as 9 p.m.




If you book a private session with Dr. Kweethai the day before or after the training; upon confirmation of that session, adjust travel and accommodation plans accordingly.




Hotels in Roanoke include Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, and Best Western ($$). Two Marriott facilities ($$$); Champion Circle [Texas Motor Speedway] and Solana Westlake; are about 4 miles away.




The City of Roanoke enjoys the title of “The Unique Dining Capital of Texas.” Since we relocated 2 miles into Keller, we are no longer within walking distance of the numerous boutique restaurants. But within a car ride of only a few minutes, you can make a delectable choice; then after eating, lazily walk walk the bucolic sidewalk.




Classes are held in the relocated Studio of Harmony. We follow the Asian tradition of not wearing shoes indoors. You are welcome to bring your own socks, use ours or be comfortably barefoot.





Snacks and tea are available through the day. Food is restricted to designated breaks, so there is no eating while Dr Kweethai is teaching.


We have a tradition of bringing a Qi raiser to the class. Every student brings a small, meaningful token as a gift for everyone else in the class. To maintain chi, or energy, sharing occurs at certain times throughout the week. The Qi-raiser should be a token from your heart. You will be informed closer to the meeting time as to how many students are in the class. Please, do not spend much on this; make it more meaningful than expensive. This tradition brings smiles and raises the Qi in the space.

(The artwork depicted at left was a Chi-raiser for Dr. Kweethai's home to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. It is NOT an example of a class Chi-raiser, but does suggest that Dr. Kweethai lives as she teaches others to live.)