Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD

Chief Catalyst for Change

Dr. Kweethai Neill, Chief Catalyst for Change



Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, is a transition coach. Her iChange Therapy process is an effective alternative for health and healing. It weaves together western science and eastern energy medicine; harmonizing the physics of energy and the power of the subconscious mind to achieve amazing results physically, mentally and spiritually.

Speaker, presentation, keynote


Dr Kweethai's message is simple, If you don't know what you want, it doesn't matter what you get.


Audiences big and small learn that the inability to make choices relates to a lack of clarity about what you want.


You may squirm in your seat with the realization that problems in your life are of your own making, but Dr Kweethai provides strategies for taking back control, and making the life you want.

Teacher, Instructor


Mere removal of a bad habit creates space for something equally bad to take its place.


Dr Kweethai provides practical wisdom on skills and behaviors that support the health and happiness you want.


As Chief Catalyst for Change, she creates a framework to 'fake it until you make it'. Become the person you want to be by practicing the behaviors of that future Self.

Trainer, Facilitator



'Knowing' does not change behaviors. 'Practice' does.


Learning is not passive. Every learner needs to actively engage in relevant practice.


Trainings with Dr Kweethai include ample opportunities for interactive learning. Discussions, clinical practice, projects, reflections.

Consultation, advisor, guide, facilitator


Do not seek advice. Rather, open yourself to guidance toward making better, more effective choices.


Do not focus on problems. Rather,  brainstorm solutions.


Conduct an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Strategize for harmony and joy by minimizing weaknesses and emphasizing strengths.

Dr Kweethai, as Catalyst for Change,

stimulates the change you desire while remaining unchanged herself.

You own the changes you choose. 

Change! Be Healthy, Be Happy

Dr. Kweethai is a Firewalking Instructor

Ever get the feeling that no matter what you do, nothing will change? Friends want more than you have to give. The complainers at work never stop complaining. The meetings go on and on and on and nothing you can say will change that. And no matter how hard you try you can’t get free of life's stresses, anxiety and the people who drive you nuts...unless an absolute miracle occurs.


Dr Kweethai's iChange Therapy process draws on her broad background as communication coach, leadership and health consultant, mediator and executive advisor. For her, walking on fire is more than just a metaphor.


She has dazzled audiences locally, nationally and internationally with her wit, humor, multicultural experiences, expansive knowledge, insight and wisdom. And no one leaves the iChange Therapy process without experiencing a change.