Holiday Emotions

Holiday Emotions · 23. June 2016
If not regulated, the fear and pleasure centers of the brain default to enjoyable but unhealthy choices.
Holiday Emotions · 11. January 2016
Haunted by the spirit of Christmas costs
Add up the recurring interest payments, and storage rental, and any money saved on Black Friday, or any other supposedly once-in-a-lifetime sale, appears to have simply been redirected to someone else’s pocket.
Holiday Emotions · 10. January 2016
The lump of coal is generally any negative emotional state arising from the events that comprise, surround or infiltrate Christmas, a season based on hope, anticipation and joy.
Holiday Emotions · 07. January 2016
Haunted by the spirit of Christmas costs - credit cards
What portion of holiday generosity is due to family circumstances, and what portion will be paid to a credit card company at 29% interest?
Holiday Emotions · 05. January 2016
The real question is, “How can I eat sanely throughout the year so that the holiday splurge retains its special quality as an infrequent celebration?”
Holiday Emotions · 02. January 2016
The most predictable outcome for the majority of gifts is that they are summarily placed aside, stored, or otherwise forgotten.