Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness · 16. April 2016
Emotional dissonance reflects the difference between objective standards and subjective experience.
Pursuit of Happiness · 09. March 2016
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“Why take the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Dr. Kweethai Neill makes light of living together versus marriage. But her message is serious, “Too many people believe love does not last, but that is only because they do not understand what true love is.” That is the basis of Lessons in Love by Dr. Kweethai.
Pursuit of Happiness · 19. February 2016
To support the notion that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, we adopt polite titles such as Collector or Genealogist.
Pursuit of Happiness · 15. February 2016
All that glitters is not gold, said the monkey peeing in the moonlight
All that glitter can be gold, just open your mind and imagine
Pursuit of Happiness · 12. February 2016
Resolutions work only when they have the right emotional support, and commitment begins with intent.
Pursuit of Happiness · 09. February 2016
Continuing to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol while physically detoxing is counterproductive. Just as you should not perseverate on worries and fears as you meditate.
Pursuit of Happiness · 30. November 2015
When you compete with yourself simply to be better, do better, no one else need know whether or not you have been successful at achieving your goals. And if you are unsuccessful be thankful that you can always try again
Pursuit of Happiness · 27. November 2015
Even the elderly in America must reach far back in time to find events with which to remind youngsters of their good fortune.
Pursuit of Happiness · 23. October 2015
Retirement has become untenable financially, but is that even the most pressing concern? Retirement means leaving work. Leaving work means losing a sense of purpose and identity.
Pursuit of Happiness · 17. October 2015
Grieving is a necessary and appropriate response to loss. The benefit of grief counseling is that one emerges emotionally more resilient.

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