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Your Subconscious · 23. May 2016
Though the effects of alternative treatments are hard to prove empirically (through traditional research methodology), there is ample anecdotal evidence (i.e., everyday experience) that they work for a significant number of people.
Pursuit of Happiness · 21. March 2015
Change the expectation of pain to the expectation of comfort. The energy shift is from vesting it in a physical feeling of comfort rather than physical pain.
Your Subconscious · 27. February 2015
Anger need not reflexively mobilize the body for survival as if in a default life-threatening situation; on reflection, it may simply remind you to assert a positive sense of self to ensure that basic needs are met.
Your Subconscious · 18. February 2015
The energy alternative
It is imprudent to totally remove the pain. Pain is the body’s way of sending a message to pay attention. Anyone considering hypnotherapy should also see a medical doctor first to check out possible physical sources of their pain.