Suffering: Part 2

Energy of pain and suffering

Energy medicine suggests that emotional suffering brings on physical pain. Physical pain is a projection of one’s conscious awareness of discomfort. In other words, you are consciously aware of something (injury, illness, or even a social situation) that you ‘know’ is supposed to be painful; so pain becomes a psychic projection rather than a response to sensory input. The mental expectation of suffering intensifies the suffering. The challenge is to change how you respond to conscious awareness. Change the expectation of pain to the expectation of comfort. The energy shift is from vesting it in a physical feeling of comfort rather than physical pain. That makes hypnotherapy an effective tool for dealing with pain control. In effect, you can bring about anesthesia without chemicals.

Behavior is a function of beliefs ingrained in the subconscious over time. Fundamental beliefs fuel perceptions and behaviors that produce suffering. Yet, as the Dalai Lama has noted, “Pain is part of life, but suffering is a choice.” You can choose to reframe perceptions and beliefs in ways that reduce suffering. This reframing allows habitual responses to life’s challenges to be re-scripted, in turn changing behaviors.

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