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Your Subconscious · 18. February 2015
The energy alternative
It is imprudent to totally remove the pain. Pain is the body’s way of sending a message to pay attention. Anyone considering hypnotherapy should also see a medical doctor first to check out possible physical sources of their pain.
Your Subconscious · 16. February 2015
You would like to think you could effect that change consciously; but you cannot change an unconscious behavior strictly via conscious attention.
Pursuit of Happiness · 13. February 2015
Most Americans ignore health hazards due to misplaced trust in science. Yes, lifespan has continued to increase, but at what cost? Pills, needles and surgery can extend life, but rarely do they improve its quality.
Pursuit of Happiness · 12. February 2015
Identify seemingly innocuous behaviors, habits or mindlessness that have ‘raised the heat’ over time, and change them in ways that get you back to room temperature.
Pursuit of Happiness · 09. February 2015
Every successful person has experienced at least one major failure. But the fact that they eventually became successful means they were able to rise above that failure; to quit, leave it behind and move in a new direction.
Pursuit of Happiness · 05. February 2015
Clients with the ‘middle-aged teenager syndrome’ come to me for stress relief. They are generally unaware that their stress arises from assumptions carried with them from their teen years, not having really grown and developed into adult sensibilities.
Pursuit of Happiness · 02. February 2015
Life seems futile when progress is monitored via the rearview mirror. The challenge is to spend more time focusing vision forward. More importantly, spend valuable time enjoying life in the moment.