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Pursuit of Happiness · 28. July 2014
Ask many people to describe themselves and they initially draw a blank, followed by a statement of their work title or family station. That is a caption. When pressed they describe interests and hobbies. That is a mere silhouette.
Pursuit of Happiness · 14. July 2014
In human terms we might express it as “Stress is part of life, but suffering is a choice.” Positive coping with day-to-day challenges is a strength that can be cultivated. It begins with taking care of yourself first
Pursuit of Happiness · 08. July 2014
The reality is that no one lacks confidence. Rather, you are confident that you either Can or Cannot. And that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Your Subconscious · 05. July 2014
Imagine you can see inside your body. Focus on that space between your belly button and your spine and locate a spot of light