Master Class Prerequisites

Dr. Kweethai meets all her students where they are at cognitively, emotionally, and experientially. The prerequisites described here are for the benefit of the peers you study with in Dr. Kweethai's classes. If everyone comes in with a basic understanding of how Dr. Kweethai teaches and practices, she can concentrate more fully on the specific topic of the course.


Dr. Kweethai purposely attempts to populate her courses with students from a variety of backgrounds and training. So there is no 'typical' student.


Students must have attended a previous Master Class with Dr. Kweethai. At minimum, this includes having attended a pre-/post- session taught by Dr. Kweethai at a conference such as the IMDHA HypnoExpo in Daytona Beach, FL and Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas. But this prerequisite also takes into account the many students who have attended multiple master courses with her.


If you have never taken a Master Class with Dr. Kweethai, you can view Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy, (available on USB stick only from iChange Publishing) before attending the course. This qualifies you for an additional 7 hours of Continuing Education credit at an additional fee of $68 for evaluation and certificate.