all the glitters

All that glitters is not gold, said the monkey peeing in the moonlight


The green moss on the red rock offered a soft landing that broke his fall

All that glitters is not gold…says the monkey peeing in the moonlight

Lies, all lies!
The moon is not made of green cheese
The apple does not fall far from the tree

You will never amount to anything!
Girls are not good at math

You are too tall to dance
You are too short to climb

You are too ugly to smile
You are too dumb to pass

You are doomed to fail
People will laugh at you when you fumble

Nobody cares what you have to say
Nobody wants to hear

You will never learn to play the piano -
Too many keys, not enough fingers!

Lies, all lies…
I may not touch the moon but I can imagine it to be green
The apple may fall near the tree, but it can roll far away

The glisten may not be gold as you know it, but it can nurture the ground

All that glitter can be gold, just open your mind and imagine
Imagine it, feel it and manifest it.

I can, I want to, I choose to….

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