Fake it till you make it: Part 4

Create the life you want

The words you use matter greatly. Learning how to talk to your subconscious is an effective tool to rewrite scripts. Use positive words that revise the script toward what you want.

First, decide want you want (as opposed to what you don’t want). Then communicate that to your mind. Maybe your goal is to be happier or healthier. What do you wish for in your life? What are you doing, or could be doing more, about it? Is there something you want but don’t have, or things you have for which you want to be more grateful?

Most people are unhappy because they feel incomplete. They either lack something or feel undeserving of things they already have. One key to happiness is to feel full and abundant, whatever you have.

People who have a lot can be generous. If you are able to give away things, you feel abundant in things. If you can give away money, you feel rich in money. If you can give compliments, you feel rich in your own talents. If you can give away love, you abound in love.

It is that simple. People who cannot give praise are afraid they will become less when they compliment others. People who cannot forgive feel undeserving of forgiveness themselves.

To use positive language effectively, learn to imagine that you have positive energies within yourself. In effect, Fake it till you make it. To be what you want to be, first desire it and set positive goals, then use positive language to rewrite old scripts. Believe that you are worthy and deserving.

“Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, do positive things, be a positive person, help build positive communities,”
-Kweethai Neill

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