How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice

Dr. Kweethai counsels her Business Advisory clients that Success begins with a positive intention followed by extensive preparation. Bottom line, you have to qualify for the success you seek, but you also must see yourself as being worthy of that success. At that point, $ix figures is just a number.

$ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice


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Hi, Kweethai—Your new book is a winner! I appreciate its definition of success, that it’s not all about money, though that’s important, but about happiness. Your book is philosophical, practical and inspiring, as you are, and I know it will be of great support and encouragement to your trainees. With every good wish!
Patricia Lee Lewis, MFA, Patchwork Farm Retreat

Hypnotherapy, An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness

"...a well written, lucid, and well organized treatment that bridges the gap between hypnotic technique and clinical intervention..."

Gil Boyne, Founder of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners


In addition to serving as a primer for anyone interested in how hypnotherapy works, Dr. Kweethai lays out the basics of what she now refers to as iChange Therapy. Uncovering and reframing the fears that lead to emotional reactions and habits is the real catalyst for personal change toward more positive and healthy behaviors.


169 pages in hardcopy, Foreward by Gil Boyne

Or audiobook in MP3 or WAV narrated by Dr. Kweethai and Steve Stork

Hypnotherapy: Alternative Path


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Lessons in Love series

The Lessons in Love series includes How to Talk So Your Partner Will Listen, How to Find and Keep True Love, and The Big O. Get the full scoop on communication skills that will enhance your relationships.

Lessons in Love set


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Meditation ME 101

Dr. Kweethai gives this CD to most clients after their first session to assist with relaxation and sleep until the next session. The client uses it in conjunction with other assignments to address specific issues. Without the 10-hour protocol, it will only help you sleep...but if that’s what you want…


CD, 15 minutes


Meditation CD


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