The hazard of taking freedom for granted

In July, as thoughts turn to freedom and independence, it is instructive to consider what those terms mean both nationally and personally.

Around two hundred years ago the French political thinker and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville, expressed concern that the American experiment in democracy, if done poorly, could prove destructive to a sense of community. Distrust of government emerges as its actions are perceived to negatively affect individuals. And that point of view is supported every time a politician identifies a single person who serves as a case in point.

So, individuals feel put out and individuals serve as examples.

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Congratulations on being a slow learner

Quick quiz. Is a “siren” an attraction, or a warning? Since the word is in lower case, and you are likely interpreting it from a modern perspective, you would be correct in defining it as a sound of warning. But in Greek mythology, the Sirens performed beautiful music that attracted passing sailors to the destructive rocks that surrounded their remote island.

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