Congratulations on being a slow learner
Learning fast is not as useful as learning well

Be appropriate
A good rule for children works well for adults, too

Spring cleaning, beyond the dust
Holding onto junk represents a lack of discernment

Detox, beyond the physical
Detox beyond the physical; Meditation for mental clarity

Haunted by the spirit of Christmas costs
The credit card Christmas, where payments last longer than a child’s memory of the gift.
The energy alternative
Relief from chronic illness with alternative medicine

The "Talk"
Teach children from a place of Love

all that glitters

Poetry by Dr. Kweethai

Merry upside-down Christmas

Create a new old tradition; return to the days of the debt-free Christmas.

Post-holiday dieting?

Dieting during holidays is fraught with perils.

The hazard of taking freedom for granted
Bad habits are like a fast-talking politician. Next stop, tyranny

Emotional dissonance
Emotional dissonance reflects the difference between objective standards and subjective experience.

I'm sorry (not really)
Does being sorry make you a sorry person?

Love only in February?
Love only in February - A cultural tradition rooted in money
Santa's ELF (Each Life Fulfilled)
You may not get an actual lump of coal, but...

Approach religious holidays with spirituality
How to help children learn the true spirit of Christmas