Thankful for everything...and nothing
The key to thankfulness is perspective.

Life Transitions
Grieving often begins with the anticipation of loss.

Short of a Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress
Post Traumatic Stress; short of a Disorder, still not fun.

Put meat in the complement sandwich
The complement sandwich can only change behaviors if it has some meat.

Fake it till you make it: Part 2

Sticks, stones and words can hurt indeed hurt you.

Suffering: Part 2

Energy medicine suggests that emotional suffering brings on physical pain.

Middle-age teenager
A secondary gain for middle age teenagers is unabashedly transferring responsibility to others.

Prepare children to become adults
To avoid ‘empty nest syndrome’ or ‘failure to launch’, teach children toward self-actualization.

Anger, in its many forms, hurts you

No Drugs for Pain Relief… Hypnosis works

Medical hypnosis reduces the emotional suffering that accompanies chronic pain

Intensive Lifestyle Makeover
To resist long term chronic illness, consider a family lifestyle makeover.

How to Lose 250 pounds in one day

Weight loss is easier when you are happy.

Be Greatful
How do you remain thankful when you have never experienced even the possibility of starving or homelessness?

Proof of Life
Selfies: When self-reinforcement is more intra- than inter-personal.

Stop it!
Is your cup half full; or is it, perhaps, the wrong size cup?

Fake it till you make it: Part 4

To use positive language effectively, learn to imagine that you have positive energies within yourself.

Fake it till you make it: Part 1

The subconscious mind is not just a repository of memories, but of the emotional energy that accompanies them.

Suffering: Part 1

When seeking health and happiness, suffering is a choice.

Humpty Dumpty's great day
Re-program your mind to deemphasize negativity.

Fast Money

Like fast food, fast money is bad for your health and future happiness.

Divorce? Give yourself a party
The divorce party is a new rite to provide closure.

Law of Hypnotic Rhythm
The law of hypnotic rhythm; how the subconscious mind supports habits.

Just quit
Successful entrepreneurs know how to admit they are climbing the wrong mountain.

Can't, or Won't
Put yourself first, in a positive way
What is your exit strategy?
Retirement is not an exit strategy; it is merely a change in geography.

Yes, but... vs. Yes, and...
How to recognize a good time to change the rules

Have a little respect
Respect yourself to earn the respect of others

Fake it till you make it: Part 3

The journey to healing begins with the right words.

Suffering: Part 3

The power to choose is a mostly neglected and unused talent.

The cost of free will
Free will is killing us

Life is a book with many chapters
When you are the author of your own life, you decide the plot lines.

Anger vs Aggression
Identify anger reflexes so you can replace them with more appropriate responses.

Choose happy
Worry is a negative expression that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy

Put down the hammer
Obesity is a self-inflicted, preventable disease for most Americans.

Middle-aged teenagers
Middle age teenagers have yet to attain adult maturity.

The Value of Mentors

Find a mentor to fill in the gaps of your formal education.