Address physical ailments with Hypnotherapy

Dear Dr. Kweethai,
I can understand how hypnosis works effectively with habits and behaviors, like smoking or overeating; but I am unsure of the claims for physical ailments.

As a former food scientist, I too was initially incredulous of some claims made for hypnotherapy. It turns out there is a logical explanation; but it is not western logic.

Traditional medicine is based on a mechanical understanding of the human body, with the presumption that anything can be fixed once we know how all the parts work together. That is a western perspective. The eastern perspective—the source of the most prominent medical alternatives, practiced for a thousand years before western scientists discovered cells much less quantum physics—takes the view that all life is energy. “Thoughts” are a form of energy, and this energy can be used for healing. But thoughts may also have caused the initial problem.

A client came to me for relief from thirty-two large, unsightly warts on her hands. They had been removed medically several times but always returned. During the intake interview the client described multiple concerns and issues in her life, eventually characterizing herself as a “worry wart.” The rest of my work with her focused on changing how she perceived various circumstances. She adopted a more positive frame of mind, including the language she addressed to herself and others. Continuing to engage self-hypnosis over the next ninety days, the warts dissolved down to three tiny nubs.

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Kids, where did you learn that?

Though it may not seem so, young children are in perpetual learning mode. The seemingly pointless and inane activity of an infant or toddler is in reality an attempt to gain control of their bodies and understand the world.

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Importance of Family

Dr. Kweethai,


Family is really important to me, but to the rest of the world business ethics keep the world “moving” in a positive direction. How can I manage a healthy relationship with my family and still be the best I can be in my work? This may sound childish, but I don’t want to make mistakes as a parent or wife. From my point-of-view I am doing well so far. What suggestions do you have to help me integrate my spiritual and business sides? As a Christian woman I want to make God, my family, and my boss happy all at the same time. Maybe I shouldn’t concentrate so much on work.

Family Important

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