The danger of thrift

Buying things on sale can significantly contribute to debt.

Do not let limiting beliefs define you

To increase confidence, explore your limiting beliefs.

Stress can kill you. Don't let it.

Be a smart frog. Get out of hot water before it kills you.

Address physical ailments with hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy for warts

What did I say?

Effective communication means you take responsibility for miscommunication and re-state your intent.

Sponge energy

Transmute negative energy by spending more time with positive people.

Life as a pageant

Fake it until you make it

Kids, where did you learn that?
Adult behaviors are usually reflected in one’s children

Attention Deficit Trait

Attention Deficit Trait is a behavioral challenge.

Are you visible? Do you want to be seen?

Weight loss is easier with a positive sense of self.

Get in touch with your body
A quick relaxation exercise

Importance of Family

Concentrate less on work to meet your family’s needs