No Drugs for Pain Relief… Hypnosis works

Imagine going to a dentist. Fear of dental procedures is right up there with fears of flying, snakes, spiders, making a speech in public, and dying. Thinking about pain, and the anticipation of pain, contributes to the suffering that accompanies actual pain. While pain is physical, suffering is emotional. Medical hypnosis helps one cope with pain by minimizing suffering. How does that work?

Recently my dentist extracted a tooth with no anesthesia. He happily obliged my request, where formerly other dentists have not. I induced self-hypnosis, setting myself in a relaxed state, a state of trance. I was fully aware throughout the procedure, including the moment my dentist loosened my tooth enough to pull it out of my jaw; yet I felt no pain!! 

The entire procedure took about 12 minutes. I returned immediately to my office with no numbness (or drooling), typical after-effects of anesthesia. And I experienced only minor discomfort that day and the next as my mouth healed.

That is the nature and benefit of medical hypnosis. It can alleviate pain in an instant, making it a fast and acute alternative to chemical anesthesia. It lasts only as long as you need it and recovery is almost instantaneous.

To permanently suspend suffering requires a little more work. Hypnotherapy helps identify sources of emotional suffering, to reduce chronic pain. In energy medicine, it is believed that emotional blockage or unresolved emotional trauma evolves over time into physical suffering. Clearing emotional blocks liberates the sufferer from pain.

Hypnotherapy can effectively help anyone suffering from a variety of chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort; such as multiple sclerosis, migraines, shoulder pain, or generalized pain throughout the body.

It is imprudent to totally remove the pain. Pain is the body’s way of sending a message to pay attention. Anyone considering hypnotherapy should also see a medical doctor first to check out possible physical sources of their pain.

Hypnotherapy effectively helps clients reduce their pain level to a point that is bearable, so they can attend to normal day-to-day functions. Even then, resolving the emotions that underlie suffering greatly diminishes any residual physical pain. Best of all, hypnosis is entirely natural; no pills, no needles.

If you have tried pills and doctors and are still suffering from chronic pain, get relief with hypnotherapy.

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