The law of hypnotic rhythm

A habit becomes a habit when you engage a behavior to which you devote no conscious attention. Conventional wisdom recommends applying personal discipline to change a bad habit. Problem is, habits occur without conscious thought; by the time you realize you are engaged in the behavior it is too late to change that instance of the behavior. It is subconscious; it has become a Hypnotic Rhythm.

The Law of Hypnotic Rhythm

The key is to change the behavior before it starts. To do that requires recognizing conditions under which the behavior is most likely to occur and mindfully switching to a preferred behavior. You would like to think you could effect that change consciously; but you cannot change an unconscious behavior strictly via conscious attention. To change an unconscious behavior, you have to change the unconscious mind.

That is what occurs in hypnotherapy. Triggers are identified by the subconscious mind and, with facilitation by the hypnotherapist, changes are implemented at that same level. Therefore, a new habit takes up residence in the subconscious, and you find yourself engaging that new habit without it feeling like a conscious change. In other words, you do not have to think about the bad habit anymore, the new habit just takes its place.

A smoker becomes a non-smoker. An over-eater becomes a healthy eater. You do not forget the past behavior, but the past no longer rules your present nor will it govern your future. You are renewed, unstuck and liberated to a fresh start. The new identity you have created with the help of the hypnotherapist resides in your subconscious mind to reinforce and support the positive change you desired.

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