Get in touch with your body

The following is a nice way to introduce someone to a trance state. It works as well with either an invidual or a large group. Direct a few deep breaths; then, as eyes close...

Get in touch with your body

Imagine you can see inside your body. Focus on that space between your belly button and your spine and locate a spot of light. See if you can experience any color, temperature of that light. How big is it? Is it warm or cool; hot or cold? If you can touch it what does it feel like? Imagine if it has a sound, what does it sound like? Now go a little deeper, expand the light throughout your upper body, feel the warmth. Next, expand the light throughout your lower body. Enjoy a warm, tingling effect. Notice how good it feels. Peaceful, calm, and safe. Stay there a little longer, breathe gently and softly.  All is well. Now gently open your eyes feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for a fantastic day.

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