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Anyone who has heard Dr. Kweethai lecture, teach or present knows that she is quick to get at the heart of the matter. Her directness comes from a belief in radical honesty. Honesty should never be used as a weapon, meaning you cannot (or at least should not) say whatever you want to someone else just because it's true. Radical honesty is the ability to say what needs to be said, to the person who needs to hear it, at the moment they need to hear it.


In most cases radical honesty serves a mutual benefit by opening and improving lines of communication.


Radical honesty is built on specific communication skills, skills that most people do not know because common communication has evolved in a way that accommodates lying to protect other's feelings.


The result is that we have learned to lie not only to others, but to ourselves. And it's the self-betrayal that causes so many people to experience unhappiness.

The purpose of this blog is to share bits of Dr. Kweethai's work, in terms of how she helps clients to become healthy and happy.


The blog is a collaboration between Dr. Kweethai Neill and Dr. Steve Stork. So, as in this entry, Dr. Kweethai will often be referred to in third person. These are generally ideas that emerge from Dr. Kweethai's work. Anything in first person is more consistent with Dr. Kweethai's actual 'voice'.

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